Best Season to visit Mustang

Mustang trekking is possible during any time of the year. It’s the only trekking destination in Nepal possible during summer (the region receives very little rainfall). 

September-November i.e., autumn is the best time to visit Mustang. October is indeed the most crowded month. It admits a life long memories of a tremendous Himalayan panorama, majestic landmarks, and hospitable locals. During these months, the vegetation grows at its best. Also, the views of Himalayan Vista are Stunning. Spring i.e., April to May, is also cons ideal.

Mustang is a stunning destination for trekking, but considering the seasonal conditions are critical. Mustang is the land beyond the Himalayas offering majestic graces of natural paradises. There are four premier seasons in the region.

The main seasons are Summer, Spring, Winter, and Autumn. So, below is the list of four main seasons of the Mustang region.


The Spring season in the Mustang region ranges from March till May. These months are the best season for trekking in the Upper Mustang region. Trekkers will enjoy the pleasure throughout the journey in this season.


Autumn is another peak season in the Himalayas of Nepal. Upper Mustang region welcomes all trekkers for a stunning trekking journey during the fabulous season of Autumn. Pioneers months of Autumn includes September till November.  


Summer is the vital season in the Upper Mustang region of Nepal because it’s a paradise for trekkers. Though it’s challenging, the beauty & thrill it offers is majestic. Trekkers can find cultures, lifestyles, scenic geographies, and the fabulous beauty of the Himalayas in the upper Mustang region. Summers admits a windy environment and remarkable pleasures of trekking.


Winters are colder, so trekking can be tricky. However, the tourism industry offers several discount offers for travelers exploring the Upper Mustang region. December till February is a season of winter in the Upper Mustang region. Winter has less flow of tourists in the Upper Mustang region of Nepal. However, trekkers can discover the trekking trails of the Upper Mustang region.

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