About Us

We are a growing trekking company in Nepal that provides exciting holiday trips to all types of visitors. The company has been working in the Nepalese tourism industry for a long time with many successful tours and well-appreciated remarks from our clients. Out of local trekking agencies in Nepal, we stand out from the crowd with our unique and reliable services. Our visitors can get delightful and enjoyable holidays. We have been one of the best trekking companies with a meaningful purpose. We are special to conduct the trekking in the Mustang region of Nepal. About Mustang Itinerary is well-designe to provide you the best holiday experience. We have a certified group of staff, crews, porters, guides with years of experience in the trekking industry. Our Mustang trek takes you to the hidden asylum of the valley encapsulating with the breathtaking Himalayas.

About Mustang trekking is among the most prodigious trek destinations in Nepal, because of its genetic grace. We believe in customer gratification policy, which is our primary asset. We are very flexible in customizing our itineraries for our customers based on their demands. Our services admire by our customers worldwide, and that’s a vital trace of our success. We not only admit our customer’s fantastic journey, but we built relationships, as our worldwide testimonials are live examples. Accomplishing Mustang trek journey with us ensures your safe and memorable trip to Himalayan dynamite. Mountains, during Mustang trek, includes Annapurna Ranges, Dhaulagiri Ranges, Gangapurna, etc. Among them, vistas of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri resides well above 8000m. Such majestic trails, geographies, monasteries, rocky walls are rarely present anywhere. So, we invite all the travel lovers, to discover the innervates of these imperial landmarks.

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